Firefighters recommend limiting outside burning

Firefighters and other emergency officials work to put out a grass fire on Corvette Lane in Queen City on Monday.

By Randy Grider

Even though there is no official burn ban in Cass County, local firefighters are asking residents not to engage in outdoor burning for the next several days.
On Monday, Cass County Emergency Services District 2 had responded to several brush and grass fires in just a two-day period.
District 2 Assistant Fire Chief Eric White said low humidity, dry conditions and winds are contributing to fires quickly spreading.
"There is not a burn ban right now, but anytime you have had freezing weather and then grass dries out and you have low humidity, then the fire danger goes up -- especially when you have a little wind," White said. 
"We probably had seven fires that we've responded to in the past two days."
Firefighters said if you must burn, wait until the evening when the humidity rises and the wind is calmer. They also recommend having a means of extinguishment readily available.
"Honestly, it would be better not to burn at all right now," White said. "At least until the humidity goes up."
White added that residents often don't realize how quick a grass fire can get out of control.
"It only takes a moment or two of not paying attention and a wind gust for it to get out of hand," White said. 
Weather forecasts call for rain chances to increase Thursday and throughout the weekend.

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