Atlanta Citizens Journal and Cass County Sun to hold Candidate Spotlight

The Citizens Journal and Cass County Sun are sponsoring a non-partisan political forum at 6 p.m., February 15, 2018, Atlanta Middle School Cafetorium, 600 High School Lane, Atlanta, Texas.  
“This is a good chance for community members to come and hear from the candidates running for office in a very neutral space.” said General Manager Rachel Woods. 
“We have confirmation of candidate attending who are running for local, and state level spots.” Woods said.
Each candidate will be given an opportunity to speak for three minutes and will have two minutes to answer questions submitted by the public.  
“This is a good opportunity for political candidates to to meet the voters in Cass County. Even if they do not have an opponent in the election.” said Woods.
The Citizens Journal and the Cass County Sun will accept questions for the candidate spotlight through Feb. 14. For more questions about this event, call 903-796-7133, or email

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